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Bee Blessed Pure Honey is a small family run operation that produces pure, unprocessed (raw) and unfiltered honey in North Carolina. Berry is responsible for the day to day operations and handling of the bees and his Grandson is the muscle of the operation. Between the both of them you have the Bee Blessed Pure Honey (Bee Wranglers).

His Wife Annie is the owner and Production Manager. Annie wears many hats during the daily operations. She is responsible for the bottling, packaging and sales presentation of our pure, unprocessed (raw) and unfiltered honey.

Crop Pollination is the main support of the business. Berry and Grandson Gerron not only take care of the bees, but maintain the equipment, extraction of the unprocessed (raw) and unfiltered honey, meeting with farmers to coordinate the pollination of crops, and the moving of the bee to the various farms.

Berry also is responsible for the promotion of the craft of beekeeping. He does this by giving presentations at schools, for scouts, and garden clubs. When it comes to unprocessed (raw) and unfiltered honey, the entire family is involved. The family has a wide and varied knowledge of the health and goodness of pure, whole and unfiltered, honey.

Berry is a bee handler or also known as a bee keeper. He also does school presentations for anyone interested in learning about bee keeping and the true goodness of honey.





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